At Kieffer | Starlite, we provide a variety of products available for you or your company.  We offer both exterior and interior signs as well as illuminated (electrical) and non-illuminated products.  In fact, one of the newer technologies and growing markets of Kieffer | Starlite’s is our LED Message Centers.

As a national sign company, Kieffer | Starlite offers a cost-effective way to promote your brand, image and message.

Please view our galleries below for sign options that Kieffer | Starlite can create.

Channel Letters for Commercial SignageChannel Letters

View Gallery – Channel letters are a very common sign type for businesses.  Generally, they are individual letters that are mounted to your building.  There are 10 or more different types of channel letters.

Monument Signs

View Gallery – Monument Signs are a type of ground sign with low overall height and are a very common sign type.  Monument signs do not attach to a building.  Typically, Monument Signs are no more than 8′ – 10′ tall and can include a variety of sign elements.  Often, Monument Signs are also referred to as a type of Ground, Detached, or Freestanding Sign.

Digital (LED) Message Centers

View Gallery – LED Message Centers have become popular because they are extremely effective ways to convey a message.  They allow the user to communicate real time to their customers.

Technology allows a variety of communication methods to change the sign message.  These signs are DYNAMIC!

Pylon Signs

View Gallery – A Pylon Sign is a freestanding sign with a visible support structure, which may or may not be enclosed by a pole cover.  The height of a pylon sign can range from 10′ to 100’+ and they can accommodate a variety of different sign types including LED Message Centers.  Often, Pylon Signs are also referred to as Pole Signs or a type of Ground, Detached, or Freestanding Sign.

Building Signs

View Gallery – Wall Signs are building-mounted signs that are either attached to an exterior wall in a manner parallel with the wall surface, and do not typically project more than 12 inches from such surface.

Directional or Wayfinding Signs

View Gallery – Directional or Wayfinding Signs are designed to provide direction to pedestrian and vehicular traffic.  They can be both illuminated and non-illuminated depending on your needs and can be mounted on the ground or on the wall.

Interior Signs

View Gallery – Don’t stop at the door. Interior graphics keep the customer thinking about your product and inform as well. Above all, good interior signs can add a touch of class or help set the atmosphere for business. Whether illuminated, dimensional or flat, well designed interior graphics can be an integral part of your signage program.

Border Lighting

View Gallery – Border lighting is the perfect way to really make your building, sign, or windows stand out from the competition.  Borders can be made of neon as well as from LED.  LED border is the latest technology that offers excellent lighting while also giving you the peace of mind that your energy usage and maintenance expenses will be kept to a minimum.


View Gallery – Awnings (Canopies) can be fabricated in many shapes and sizes.  Often times awnings are used as a decorative element to complement the design of a building.  They may also be used as the primary signage.  In some cases they are used as protection from the weather.

Digital & Vinyl Graphics

View Gallery – The sky is the limit with digital printing.  We can reproduce a photographic image on virtually any size or type of material.  So whether it is wallpaper, window film, or adhesive backed vinyl, it can be produced.  Check out the photos and imagine the possibilities.

Custom Products – Patio Enclosures

View Gallery – Patio enclosures are a great way to create a usable space.  Are you looking to use that patio in all weather conditions?  We can help!  Our designs have been created to be functional, nice looking, and ability to withstand 50+ MPH winds.

Mobile LED Trailer SignMobile LED Trailer Sign

View Gallery – Introducing the Mobile LED travel trailer sign. This unit has over 30 square feet of digital animation. Our travel trailer sign is perfect for city events, benefits, church events, parades, school activities and more.