Q. Is Kieffer | Starlite just a sign manufacturer or a full-service company?
A. Kieffer | Starlite is a full-service company. We can assist with design, manufacturing, installation and service.

Q. What is the time frame to create and make a sign?
A . All signs are different. Depending on the complexity of the sign the time frame to manufacture your sign will vary from others. Due to engineering and manufacturing requirements, more complex and detailed signs will take longer.

Q. What type of signs does Kieffer | Starlite produce?
A. We offer a variety of signs that will best suit your company’s needs. We have channel signs, monument signs, pylon plus more. Please view our full line of commercial sign products.

Q. Does Kieffer | Starlite offer service and maintenance?
A. Yes, we offer sign service repair should your sign begin to work incorrectly or becomes damaged. We also offer a variety of maintenance programs to keep your sign in working condition.

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